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SONG BUSINESS: Music Publishing & PROs

Presented by "Chicago" Mike Beck

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This workshop delivers essential information for songwriters, including: Music publishing fundamentals, how to protect your intellectual property, how to apply for money you’re owed for live and broadcast performances of your original works, which PRO is best, when is it worth assigning your works to a publisher, and more. Many artists in the acoustic community write and perform original music. The goal of this class is to help songwriters protect their works, and understand and benefit from opportunities to earn money with their songs.


Class Outline

Music Publishing Resources & Tip Sheet



SONG BUSINESS: Music Publishing & Performance Rights Organizations

I. Copyright fundamentals; understanding your rights, securing your intellectual property

II. You are a music publisher!

III. How your music can earn you money

IV. PROs (Performance Rights Organizations) and Small Performance Royalties

spacerHave you played an original song in public? You are owed money!

V. Which North American PRO is right for you


VI. Additional revenue and career opportunities with PROs

VII. The Dark Side of PROs

VIII. SoundExchange

IX. Are you setup for success?

This workshop is presented by “Chicago” Mike Beck, an ASCAP­award­winning songwriter and recording artist who has been teaching at the Rocky Mountain SongSchool since 2005. He's been touring full­time in the USA and Europe since 2001 as a solo performer and with his band Chicago Mike's InterGalactic Brother & Sisterhood of Big Eyed Beans. In addition to his performing and recording endeavors, Mike is the founder of Access Film Music Ltd., an organization that helps independent recording artists expose their music to directors, producers and music supervisors working in the realms of film, television and other visual media.



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