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MUSIC, MOVIES & MONEY: How to Make the Movie Business Work for Your Music

Presented by "Chicago" Mike Beck

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Most independent recording artists are seeking opportunities to reach a wider audience and are eager to earn money with their music. Having your music included in a popular film, television series, videogame, ad or new media outlet can serve both these goals, and it’s not as far out of reach as you might expect.

This workshop “Music, Movies & Money” will show you how to make the movie, television, advertising and videogame industries work for you and your music. Benefits include increased revenue, new promotion and exposure opportunities, connections with new audiences, prestige and more. This workshop will unveil the process behind the scenes, and show you several paths to bring your music to the big screen.



Class Outline

Music Publishing Resources & Tip Sheet



Reel 1: "Follow that money!" - Copyright law, your music, and the legal fundamentals of music in film, TV and videogames

"I own what?" - Copyright law, music publishing and your music Registering your copyrights, sync rights, co-writes, co-publishing

"They did what?!" - Music Licensing – What is it and how does it work? Who controls (owns) your compositions and recordings?

"I did what?!" - Agreements and your music career
Types of agreements: Licensing, admin, sync, publishing / co-publishing, work-for-hire, performance rights organizations; Terms of agreements; How much money is involved?; When do you get paid?

Reel 2: "You oughta be in pictures" - How does music get into movies, TV and


"Now Showing" - Today's visual media marketplace

Movies: Majors, indies, DVD replacement, student films, trailers, niche films e.g. snow sports and surfing; Television: Series, Specials, Sports, Advertising; Video Games; The Web, Mobile and other "new" media

The Actors - Who is involved?
Music Supervisors, Music Editors, Directors, Producers, Publishers, Lawyers

The Script - What is the process?
Who chooses the music? When is the music selected for films, TV and videogames? How does the process start? What is a "temp track"?

The Score - What are the applications / destinations for music in visual media?
Music options: Original score and songs, New recordings of existing songs, Existing recordings; Title sequences / Theme songs, Credits, Underscore, Incidental music, Temp tracks, DVD replacement tracks, Trailers

Reel 3: "Scoring it big in the movie business" - Getting your music in movies, and getting paid for it!

Creating your music, getting it recorded and preparing it for delivery; How do Music Supervisors like to receive music? Making variations of your recordings available: Different lengths, instrumental-only mixes; Getting your music to the right ears - Where should you start? Who should you talk to? DIY, Music Publishers, Music Libraries, Representation, Taxi, Sonicbids, ReverbNation, Access Film Music; Why independent artists have two big advantages over major label music, especially with TV placements





Roll the credits!

This workshop is presented by “Chicago” Mike Beck, an ASCAP­award­winning songwriter and recording artist who has been teaching at the Rocky Mountain SongSchool since 2005. He's been touring full­time in the USA and Europe since 2001 as a solo performer and with his band Chicago Mike's InterGalactic Brother & Sisterhood of Big Eyed Beans. In addition to his performing and recording endeavors, Mike is the founder of Access Film Music Ltd., an organization that helps independent recording artists expose their music to directors, producers and music supervisors working in the realms of film, television and other visual media.

Mike’s music and an up-to-date tour calendar can be found on his web site



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